Cocreate Careers is an ed-tech company based in Norway founded in 2020. We connect students and educational institutions with small and medium-sized enterprises. Our mission is to reach out to any business in need of help with digital projects and challenges, students in need of relevant project experience, and educational institutions wanting to provide relevant practical learning as part of their curriculum. We aim to facilitate early experience building for students and recent graduates, as well as reduce the time gap from graduation to relevant and exciting careers.

The Team


Kathrine Panlilio Iversen



Hans Christian Aakrell



Eilin Haeun Wi

Digital Marketing


David Sjaastad



Oscar Ho Hammerstad


Our Story

2019: Our team members juggle master's thesis writing, part-time jobs, and job application. Numerous applications are sent, all receiving similar feedback; "Lack of professional experience".

We start to realize a strange paradox: needing relevant experience to get the job, but needing a job to gain the experience. This catalyzed an idea the initiators sketched out and wanted to give a try.

2020: The frustration and early on formulation of an idea grows into a business idea, and Cocreate Careers is founded. The concept: A digital platform to help students get relevant project experience throughout their studies. To gain more insight we carried out a Minimum Viable Product test with student groups, Norwegian educational institutions and a few businesses. We started working on ways to get early phase funding as well.

2021: Cocreate Careers gets granted 1 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway to build a digital prototype of the platform. We team up with IT suppliers and business partners. Our focus since the summer has been on prototype development, nurturing relations to collaborating partners, network building and engaging our followers on SoMe and LinkedIn to maintain awareness around our efforts.

2022: We launch our prototype to further research the perceived value of using the platform among pilot users, continuing our project with the Research Council of Norway until mid 2022. Cocreate Careers continuously assess how to improve the concept, as well as navigate the opportunities to build more awareness around our brand.